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Firstly, welcome to BeyondBeaver.com

If you're wanting to learn how to create websites with WordPress that are extremely easy to edit using drag-and-drop page builders, needing to streamline your web agency processes and workflow, or just don't have the time to research the best plugins and softwares for your websites, this website BeyondBeaver.com is the right place for you.

But it's not just a website and we don't want it to be seen in that way.

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Let's call it a resource.

We have created this resource to help you make more revenue online

The purpose of this resource is for us to share with you the different strategies, processes and softwares weare using and offer an inside look into how they affect our business and our revenue. The intention is to help you save time and money by ensuring you don't make the mistakes we've made and will make, while helping you make more money and do things quicker.

We'll do through through regularly posting easy-to-follow blog posts to this website BeyondBeaver.com. Currently, the aim is 3 helpful, well-crafted and relatable blog posts per week. The information will be honest and the real life examples should hopefully offer you an insight into choosing what is right for your personal situation as an individual or web agency.

We also plan to release some how-to courses which will deeply explore topics through a series of 5-10+ lessons. They will be released on here and the Beyonders on our mailing list will receive exclusive discounts and access.

But the information won't always be WordPress related

We're also big fans of personal development strategies and we are continuously implementing the different methods we learn from the many books and youtube videos we engage with. Some have not had much effect, while others have had a profound effects on things ranging from our work ethic right through to how we approach problems.

We'll be sharing this through discussing the effects each strategy has on us not only in the long-term, but also revisiting it several months later to see if we are still following it and, if so, how it is affecting us then.

Let's get started!

Step One: Subscribe to our Mailing List

Firstly, subscribe to the mailing list so you know when we post new information that will help you be better online, as well as discounts on the resources we have available in our shop.

Each week we will be mailing out links to different blog posts we have written that week, plus discussing things that are going on with the other people who have joined this website.

Step Two: Head over to our About page and get to know us

There's an endless amount of websites and people out there offering WordPress help and resources, so for what reasons should you follow us?

Because we've been in your shoes and we're still learning too.

About us

Step Three: View the products in our shop

They have completely changed the way we build websites and they can enormously transform the way you currently build websites

Through our many years of developing websites we have been exposed to many different customer requirements and, as such, we have installed and configured a ridiculously large amount of plugins and themes.

We have STOPPED doing this and you should to.

If we're not doing a website that requires a lot of customization (we use the Genesis Framework by StudioPress for these), we now build client websites exclusively with Beaver Builder and the theme they package with it. It makes our workflow incredibly simple and our WordPress websites very stable. We know what is going on with all our websites as all we have to do is follow the Beaver Builder Changelog.

In fact, we love the Beaver Builder plugin and theme so much that you'll find lots of products in our shop that center around Beaver Builder.

Beaver Builder Child Themes

Using these child themes has allowed us to refine our Client Project Workflow and now we are doing projects 60% faster than we were before.

We swear by them and that is why we have invested all the time in designing them, coding them and supporting them.

View our Child Themes

Beaver Builder Landing Page Templates

The Beaver Builder drag and drop page builder allows you to import page templates into your website, ready to go. This is exactly what our Landing Page Templates do.

Our landing page templates have allowed us to validate business ideas we have THAT SAME DAY.

We import the template like a normal WordPress post, change the images and text, and wa-la! It's ready for us to start driving traffic to it.

It's actually that easy.

View our Landing Pages

Step Four: Learn where to find support and documentation

We take support for our products very seriously. Up the top of this website is link to our documentation portal. Here, we regularly update and add new information relating to how-to-use our products, so if you buy a product from our shop, please go there to find out how to use the product you've purchased.

Learn more

Step Five: Review the plugins we are currently recommending

Here's a list of all the plugins I currently recommend and why.

Here's some of what we're using on our client websites within our web agency

  • Beaver Builder: This plugin has changed the entire way I do websites for myself and the clients I get for my Web Agency. If you haven't already, I suggest you go over to their website and try out the Page Builder Now. Click here to test drive Beaver Builder.
  • Optimus.io: Everyone know's (right?) that Google and other search engines are promoting faster loading sites. Why? Because they want people to find information faster using their search engine service and a slow loading website gets in the way of this. This plugin compresses images when you upload them to WordPress WITHOUT losing quality.Click here to read more about Optimus.IO
  • WP Rocket: Again, to ensure your website loads faster, I use WP Rocket for website caching. I have never had any problems with it, and it has worked very well with all the plugins I have ever used. You must give it a try! I have the developer license so I can use it on as many websites as I like - that's how much I love this. Click to here to see more on WP Rocket.

Step Six: Get your website up and going if you haven't already

For the beginners out there. The ambitious individuals who are ready to capitalize on the growing internet market and start making some money. Some of that..recurring revenue.

To follow this blog you'll need to have somewhere you can implement and test for yourself the knowledge and recommendations we share.

If you are new to the website world and you're just setting up your first WordPress website, we've written an easy-to-follow FREE course on How to create a website with WordPress.

Course: How to create a website with WordPress

A course written for people who know NOTHING about websites or how to set one up. This course will show you how to easily set up your website, including everything from thinking of a domain name through to launching your website.

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