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Create a custom 404 page using Beaver Builder

If you’re struggling to edit your WordPress 404 page (or don’t know what the 404 page is) this tutorial will be like gold for you. It will teach you exactly how to set up your WordPress website so that you can build a custom 404 page using Beaver Builder to leverage it’s modules and drag-and-drop capabilities – both the main reasons you’ve bought this incredible page builder for WordPress.

Here’s the video

In the video you’ll learn the exact steps to setting up your custom 404 page using Beaver Builder and one of the steps will require you to add the below PHP code into your 404.php file (again, this is really easy so don’t sell yourself short if you don’t know PHP – the video shows you how to do this).

Here’s the code you’ll use. There’s a comment in the code also which reminds you to replace the slug of the Beaver Builder Template with your own Template’s slug (don’t forget this!).