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10 ways you can turn your passion into a profitable online business

Here’s my first post of many to come based on the almighty topic that is lifestyle / mindset. This is one of my favorite topics to write about and also pursue in life.

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We all need to stay headstrong on this journey to making something of ourselves (and thoughts) online. For me personally, I have found working in the online space incredibly rewarding. From the people I’ve met and the jobs I have completed to the products I have created. But… (there’s always a but isn’t there), it can sometimes be lonely.

Without someone constantly reminding you why you’re doing something, the need to become self-motivating is a necessity.

These posts are to help me as much as they are to help you, as we’re all to some degree lone rangers who can help each other by staying mind-strong.


Turn your passion into a profitable online business

Imagine yourself 5 or 10 years from now. Isn’t it a rewarding vision having accomplished something substantial out of the things you love? Earning and establishing a reputation based on your passion is something that anyone can dream of but most never act or lose themselves along the way. In the midst of today’s technological innovation, more and more people are enjoying their life with the income from a stream which is close to their heart. As a matter of fact, today’s opportunities are boundless. Learning becomes easier and financial freedom opens up to those who are motivated to start. You, too, can be one of them!

Earning and establishing a reputation based on your passion is something that anyone can dream of, but most never act or lose themselves along the way.

In the midst of today’s technological innovation, more and more people are fulfilling their life through an income stream based on a passion. This is motivating. This motives me and most likely does you, also. It’s a testament that it can be done. It’s possible.

It’s possible.

As a matter of fact, today’s opportunities are boundless. With the abundance of online courses, ever-growing facebook groups and a long list of established mentors, financial freedom is here now and it’s opening up its doors to those who are motivated to start.

You, too, can be one of them!


Doing your passion while living the life you dream

It is said that finding your passion is more than just discovering what you love to do. It’s finding your authentic self and uncovering fulfillment from it. People become easily bored when they don’t enjoy their work and this inevitably results in them being less productive.

I’ve been there.

Working without passion

I started working in a call center while putting myself through university. At first, it was great because I was learning how to actually do the job so I had to stay focused.

THOUGHT! Have you ever noticed that some things are the most enjoyable while you’re still mastering it? And then, BAM! Once you know everything, it becomes monotomous and more of a chore?

A couple of months later, I could do the job without really thinking. I’d plateaued my learning and things weren’t exciting anymore. What used to take me an hour to do I could do in 15 minutes.

I knew when to slack and I knew how to look like I was working when I wasn’t. I’d beat the system. But it was boring.

I’m going to put my head out there and see this is more true for most. When you’re working for someone and they’re paying you a salary, you generally don’t do more work as you get quicker. You do the same work faster and then slack.

You start becoming less productive. Why? Because you’ve lost the passion for the work you’re doing.

Working with passion

On the other hand, when our lives and work are founded on something we’re truly passionate about – that we believe in, we are inclined to be more happy, satisfied, and more approachable.Below are 10 ways you can start making money from your passion. Technically, these do not point the literal steps but will absolutely motivate you to gear up and start turning your passion into a profitable online business.

This is the other side. Where the grass is greener. This is where we all want to be.

10 ways you can turn your passion into a profitable online business

Below are 10 ways you can start making money from your passion. Technically, these do not point the literal steps but they will absolutely motivate you to gear up and start turning your passion into a profitable online business. Even writing this, I too myself am reminded that I love writing and doing this blog. Hopefully, these steps will get you keen to move forward with your business idea and instill some motivation in your day today.

1 – Identify your passion and make it your ‘niche’

Your talents and passions can be your ticket to becoming successful both financially and personally. What you enjoy doing is a beautiful thing and should not be segmented away from how you make your income – combing the two is powerful stuff and, when harnessed, can bring you genuine happiness and satisfaction. When it comes to starting a business, don’t just get caught up in the “what’s trending right now” stuff.

I don’t remember who told me this but it has always stuck with me

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Identifying what you know and what you love is the first step in starting an online business. Do you love to write? You can earn through content creation. If you’re artistic and knowledgeable in graphic arts, then you can be a web designer / graphics creator. The options and opportunities are endless. Affiliate marketing, ebook writing, web development, app creation, video marketing, SEO, social media management skills, and a whole lot more.

Evaluate yourself honestly and identify some of the things you love most, then work to discover ways on how you can share and monetize it your passion and knowledge.

2 – Create a strong mindset and nurture it

Think: what really is it that you want to achieve? A clear mindset will be your guide in nurturing the goal of turning your passion into a business. Be motivated and keep pursuing your goals. Harness that burning desire inside to form measurable, SMART goals that when achieved will see you achieve your success online.

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3 – Start learning and commit yourself

Nothing is ever going to be perfect and you don’t need to know everything about what you’re doing. Learn while doing it and teach what you learn. As long as you are saving people time and constantly adding value to your target audience, you’ll keep pushing forward.

To be able to provide extremely valuable content constantly in your online business, you need to be getting out there and learning new skills. Gain more knowledge. The more you learn, the more opportunities will come your way.

Read books. Lots of them. Or podcasts. There are some great ones out here.

Here are some books I’ve read that have instilled everyday-thoughts into me.

4 – Get out of your freakin’ comfort zone

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You more risks you take, the more exciting and adventurous your journey will be. Failures are normal, so don’t be afraid to commit some.

Let your fear empower you, instead of hindering your goals.

Cliché, I know. I feel now is a good time to use a personal example (if you have some, please leave them below in the comments – I love this stuff).

When I personally lost my passion

When I started this BeyondBeaver.com blog, I had no idea if anyone was going to read the content. I was doing client websites and just launching my own web agency after having worked for other web agencies for the last 7 years.

I launched the agency in February, 2 months before I left to move to Canada to live for the next two years. I got 4 websites that month and worked hectically before I set off on my travels.

While traveling I realized that the 7 years of client work compounded with the after-hours stuff I had put into getting my web agency all set up was taking its toll.

I realized I was burnt-out. I’d lost my passion for doing websites (something I have not admitted to too many people).

I needed a restart.

I won’t get fully into it in this post as I will write a completely full post on what ended up happing and the reflection process I went through, but out of it came two things:

  1. The BeyondBeaver.com blog was born, where I write and teach.
  2. I take on only client jobs that I enjoy doing

And for both of those, I have passion.

But it was risky. I had been doing client websites for 7 years and was comfortable. Blogging? I’d never done it. I was uncomfortable for sure. But I did it.

I took the risk, and I’m happier for doing it.


5 – Research your market

Know your competition. It’s a crucial part of every marketing strategy. Knowing what your competitors do can help you to implement a better strategy.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Most ideas are not unique, they are just executed in the right way and the right time to the right audience.

6 – Plan and create a marketing strategy

]This will help you get started down the right track and keep you fighting towards a goal. Look at what others that you’ll be competing with are currently doing well and identify how you’re going to do it better.

Identify where your target audience lives. Are they on facebook, are they in forums.

Then identify how you can reach them in the masses in a way they’ll respond and care about what you’re selling them.

You have all this great knowledge that you’ve used to build a product or service that you’re passionate about, but without people using it, how can it be successful?

Plan, attack, evaluate. Rinse and repeat.

7 – Start building relationships right away

Starting an online business also means creating relationships and expanding your influence. Reach more people and strive to build meaningful relationships with them. In any business, reputation is important.

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8 – Get guidance when you need it

Sites such as Udemy and others offer great courses perfect for amateurs in online entrepreneurship. But sometimes you need specific mentorship based on your current situation.

Again, leverage the connections you’ve made or already have.

The best people to ask questions to are those that are where you want to be.

9 – Be smart with your money

Starting a business will require expenses, so make sure you’re wise when spending it. As mentioned above, there are free courses available online and search engines are your friend. Both contain free information that you can leverage to develop your understanding of the niche you’re working within.

Controlling your expenses is saving money. Sure, sometimes you need to buy certain things like a domain name and web hosting, how always consider if you need something before you purchase it.

Ask yourself – is my business ready for this.

Do I need this software or should I continue to validate my idea before I get this plan of X product with all the bells and whistles.

I started off BeyondBeaver.com using Mailchimp because it was free. I validated that people wanted to receive the content that I was offering and at around 700 subscribers I switched over to the awesome ActiveCampaign email automation software. I wouldn’t have used the extra features of ActiveCampaign at the start and would have been blowing $19-29 a month for nothing.

BUT, on the other hand, buying ScreenFlow (click here to see) for mac to record video tutorials motivated me to actually make the videos.

So it’s a balance of being considerate but also not holding yourself back. Just make the best decisions you can at the time and try NOT to spend money until you really have to. I proved to myself I was serious about writing the blog posts for 30 days before I decided to buy the ScreenFlow software so I knew it wouldn’t be wasted money and I knew the videos would take my tutorials to the next level.

When I bought it, ScreenFlow, it had become necessary (in my eyes) for me to progress forward with this passion.

10 – Start a website

A website serves as one of the main interfaces between your products and services and your customers. Considering this, your website must be compelling and user-friendly. Don’t worry if you don’t have any knowledge on designing and developing a website because these days it’s incredibly easy to build one yourself.

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The course above will show you everything you need to build your website cheaply, in a way that you can manage it yourself. All without hiring a programmer or designer.


If I could give one piece of advice based on everything I have learned while following my passion, as well as the many books I have read on the subject, it’s this:

Just start.

Literally, this is the number one thing I would say. Just start doing it. You can’t perfectly plan the course of what will happen as there will be opportunities that come up along the way that could never have been predicted.

Know your talents, take the action, and you’ll find yourself reaping the results of a passion you have.

And just remember, even if there are competitors doing exactly what you want to be doing, there’s probably enough room for both of you. Don’t make excuses.

Just start.

What you should do next

  1. Write a comment below and tell me something you’re passionate about and have been contemplating starting an online business around.
  2. Click here to register for our extremely thorough Online Video Course “How to make a WordPress website in just 1 day without knowing design or code”.